10 incredible transformations of people who have lost weight by 40+ kg

We have prepared for you 10 incredible transformations that inspire you to change your body and life right now.

1. Courtney Maguire – minus 63 kg

The main cause of obesity Courtney was, oddly enough, alcohol.

“After the next booze I did not want to cook anything, and I ate fast food,” the girl admits.

After Courtney got rid of alcohol dependence, she firmly decided to change her life completely: she began to eat right, go to the gym and in two years lost more than half her weight.

2. Misty Mitchell – minus 62 kg

Another girl, the cause of excess weight of which became alcohol, is Misty Mitchell. After removing the hernia, the girl had a long and difficult recovery, but unable to cope with the pain, Misty began to jam her with alcohol. “I could drink half a liter of vodka a day, and I consoled myself with the fact that on that day I practically did not eat,” the girl recalls.

At one point, she realized that she hates what she did with her body. On the same day, she quit drinking, smoking and switched to a balanced diet. Adding to this training in the gym, Misty completely transformed.

3. Matilda Bruberg – minus 53 kg

Matilda was full since childhood. They could afford to eat a double burger, French fries, a huge portion of ice cream and a chocolate cocktail – and that’s all for one meal.

A turning point in the life of the girl happened when in the amusement park on a roller coaster she did not fasten the seat belt. Arriving home, the girl firmly decided to lose weight.

In this she was helped by a diet of one tablespoon. That is, for one meal you allow yourself only one tablespoon of a certain dish. In addition to this, Matilda refused all flour, roast and fast food.

Now Matilda works as a model in the catalog of fashionable sportswear.

4. Sarah Gilbert – minus 55 kg

Getting rid of hated kilograms of Sarah helped the TV show about losing weight (analogue of the Suspended People). The girl trained and ate properly every day for 6 months. And although Sarah did not win the show, she took her prize in the form of a new body.

5. Christine Carter – minus 70 kg

Christine Carter from Dallas recovered because of problems with hormones. And in 2014, her weight stopped at a critical mark of 125 kg. And as soon as the girl heard the cherished: “You are healthy” from the doctors, she ventured to bypass the stomach, and after 1.5 years her weight was 60 kg.

Adding to proper nutrition, exercise, the girl got the body of her dreams. Now Kristin leads a blog in Instagram, which shares the secrets of proper nutrition and motivates other girls to change their lives.
6. Erika Lugo – minus 70 kg

Erica says that the main motivator for losing weight for her was her son: “When you say to your child:” No, I do not want to play with you “, because you’re so tired that you can not even lift yourself from the couch – it’s not normal. ”

Erica came up to weight loss very sensibly: she did not sit on any diet, but just switched to proper nutrition, while focusing on physical activity.

Now she works as a fitness instructor and maintains her blog.

7. Jennifer Ginley – minus 67 kg

Jennifer Ginley lost weight to look perfect on wedding photos. Her future husband repeatedly made a marriage proposal to the girl, but she refused, because she did not want to be a huge bride.

To lose weight, the girl began to blog. “It really motivated me, how people believed in me and said so many warm words,” Jennifer admitted.

Now the girl is not afraid of wedding photos and said cherished: “Yes.”

8. Haley Smith – minus 50 kg

Another girl, thin for the wedding, is Australian Haley Smith. The girl was always full and never worried about her complexion, until she saw the photos, which captured the moment when her boyfriend offered her.

“I saw myself in the photo from the side and cried. It should be the happiest day of my life, and I cry because of how I look, “- recalls the girl. Starting from this day, she began to slowly accustom herself to sports and healthy eating. And over time, Haley has completely switched to a healthy lifestyle.

“Until now, I can not believe that I got into the wedding dress of your dream,” – so Haley signed her photo in Instagram.

9. Lindsey Hoover – minus 90 kg

Lindsay began her transformation after the accident on the plane, when she could not fasten the seat belt. The girl began a protracted depression, and she decided that she could no longer live in this body.

Lindsay made a stomach shunt and lost about 70 kg in two years. Later she had an operation to lift the sagging skin. In total, the girl spent about $ 12,000 on her transformation, but admits that it was the most pleasant waste in her life.

10. Shannon Covert – minus 68 kg

Shannon Covert of Las Vegas admits that only her and her love for food are to blame for her excessive weight. The girl looked at herself with different eyes, only after seeing the photo from her brother’s wedding: “I thought:” what kind of huge woman is covering her whole frame with her body? “And only then it dawned on me that it was me.”

To lose weight, the girl made a stomach shunt. This, combined with proper nutrition and exercise, produced a stunning result.



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