10 Signs That Show You Don’t Have Single Partner In you Life

Monogamy is not for everyone. There are certain signs that show you whether you can have one partner all your life or you are the kind of person who needs to explore the variety. Just as the physical construction of each person is different, emotional construction differs from person to person.

And as you can not argue why a person is intolerant to lactose, you can not label emotions. Here are some signs indicating that you can not have a single partner for life!

How do you realize you can not have a single partner all your life?


1. You are of the opinion that marriage is a construction that could limit personal evolution

While respecting your commitments, you are driven by a passion for life that goes beyond your primary relationships. Marriage seems secure and solid, but you think you can not navigate freely. You prefer to be honest with you and focus on what interests you. Age, social expectations, the pressure to have children does not influence your decisions on relationships. You think that your personal growth can not be restricted, so relationships must remain as fluid and open as to fit your evolution as a human.

2. You feel that a person can not satisfy all your desires and needs

You are not selfish, but you are aware of your needs and desires. By desire you do not refer to sexual interests, but to your need for intellectual stimulation, emotional deepening, and spiritual enrichment. Even if you are happy and in a stable relationship, you feel that you are constantly growing and different parts of you are constantly enriched by different people and experiences.

3. Do you think that different people have different gifts to offer

Besides relationships, see people as teachers, guides, comrades in the journey of life. With this perspective, it is difficult to limit yourself to one person when it comes to emotional and physical intimacy.

4. You feel claustrofob in a long-term relationship

No matter how much you love your partner, you begin to feel a little locked and claustrofob when you spend too much time together. You need your space and you get long breaks to get back.

5. You think two halves can not make a whole

The idea of ​​the two incomplete halves that make an ensemble seems stupid to you. You feel that everyone should strive to feel complete and happy and that relationships are just a way to share that integrity and joy, not a way to meet your own needs constantly.

While you know what your physical and emotional needs are, you do not think others are responsible for meeting these needs.

6. You are of the opinion that monogamy hinders your independence

Many people place the sign of equality between polygamy and sexual independence. But you understand that sexual independence has less to do with the number of people you are with, and more so with the degree of openness of your sexuality. Independence is about being honest with you and dedicating yourself first to your own growth.

7. Do you think polygamy couples are mature and wise

Although you probably did not necessarily think of having a polygamous relationship, it seems to you that those polygamy couples have a certain maturity and grace in relationships. You realize that honesty and communication is needed to support such relationships.

8. Commitment means so much to you that you perceive it as an important subject

Contrary to popular belief, polygamy people value the commitment. They strongly believe in honesty and can not engage in something they do not really believe in. Do you think that life is constantly changing and you can not understand why people engage in a life together when nothing is certain.

9. You enjoy variety when it comes to people, experiences and places

You deeply appreciate diversity and believe that life has a lot to offer. Variety refers not only to novelty but also to wisdom, clarity, and a better understanding of life and one’s own person. When you meet new people, you feel enriched and there are many things to offer and receive.

10. Do not bother if the partner considers other attractive people

When your partner talks about a new colleague he thinks nice or attractive, you are amused. You are not jealous and you do not stress about how your partner spends your day at the office. You understand that the attractions are common and that if things were more serious, your partner would tell you. And this does not bother you. Because, after all, you could find someone attractive and you never know what might happen in the future.

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