10 signs that your ex-boyfriend wants you back

Separations are heavy, but the attempts of the former to recapture may be even more difficult in some cases.

There are several directions that you and your former partner can do once you have separated. You could be friends, be two civilized strangers, reunite from time to time as lovers, or become the biggest enemies. 

Depending on how your relationship ended, there is a chance that he will give you mixed messages that he wants you back.

Here are 10 clear signs to look for:

1. You do not know anything about his sentimental life
If the former still likes you, then there are chances he can avoid meeting someone else or at least make sure you do not know if he does. The reason he does not want to know about his love life might be because he’s afraid of hurting his feelings or maybe he thinks that would reduce his chances of returning to your life. Simply, if your former one gives his sentimental life to silence, it means he might want you back in secret. 

2. Do things to show you that he misses you
If your former one tells those around you or social networks that his life is empty or that he wants you there, he probably wants to come back to your life. Be careful about what he is posting, he hopes you will see what he writes and says, and you will want him back. 

3. It sounds without reason
If the former wants you back, he’ll call you more often than a regular friend. In fact, sometimes he can call you even if he has nothing important to say. If you notice he’s finding all kinds of excuses for talking on the phone, then the chances that he will miss you are very big. 

4. Find different ways to be close to you
If the former still likes you, he will behave in a warm manner and flirt with you. If his tone is sensual, he moves the same way and whispers things to his ear, then he wants you back. You may find yourself finding different reasons or taking advantage of certain opportunities to touch or embrace you. 

5. Likes to Recall Your Relationship
Those who can not forget the past will awaken talking about their feelings and relationships with their former partners.

If the former opens the subject, what happened then, what was wrong or how he loved you, it’s quite obvious that he is trying to re-accuse the scumbag and win you back. 

6. Talk about how much changed
If your ex-apologize for the mistakes he made in the relationship, it might be because he is trying to clarify certain things. If he talks about how things could have been between you, how he’s changed or talked about past issues, then you probably want to give him a new chance. 

7. Become jealous of everything
If your former one becomes irritated when he sees you flirting with someone else, it’s clear he still has feelings for you. But if he always gets angry when you talk to another man, you have to tell him to retire. In both cases, these are signs that he wants you back. 

8. Keep it wherever you go
If you meet him wherever you go and you see him in places he does not normally do, then your ex could make your way around. If that happens, just ask him what he does there, and how he will answer you should tell you everything you need to know. 

9. It sounds like drunk
Calling you drunk when it’s drunk can be funny if everything is innocent and happens once, but if it always does when it happens then it means you’re always in your mind. It is true that alcohol can help us with our inhibitions, but if your lover puts his heart on the tray in those moments, then it’s clear he wants you back. 

10. She tells you directly that she misses you
If your ex-boyfriend opens in front of you and tells you you’re missing , then it’s clear he wants you back. If he opens talks about how he likes to spend time with you, or tells you how he feels about your relationship with you, it’s probably time to think if you really want to get along with him.


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