10 signs that your partner does not love you anymore

According to Steve Harvey, author of the novel, “Act as a Woman, Thinking Like a Man,” a man’s love is expressed in three forms: publicly declares your rights, protects you, and takes care of you.

However, some of these things may cast doubt on, because not all women of today need to be protected by men, but they certainly need love. Unfortunately, sometimes women tend to see love even when they are not there. In most cases, a woman may feel that something is going wrong without having to hear her from her partner.

Here are 10 signs that he does not love you anymore:

Criticism of Your Appearance
For a man who truly loves you, you are always beautiful, even with disorganized hair or wide pajamas. He will not notice that you put a few extra pounds after the winter holidays if you do not tell him that. But if your partner constantly tells you to go to the room or suggests any plastic surgery, you should not hurry to do it. It is quite possible that your appearance does not distract you, but you. And even if you lose weight, he will still find you other defects. 

Discuss your problems with his friends
Women tend to discuss issues in their relationship with their girlfriends, while men try to keep everything secret. No one is perfect, but a man who really loves focuses on the patener’s qualities, not his defects. If your partner makes you laugh in public and laughs at your failures, you do not expect anything good from such a relationship. A partner who does so does not respect you, and a strong and reliable relationship is impossible without respect. By criticizing others, he unconsciously tries to prove to others that it is your beast that he has ceased to love you. 

It has an inappropriate attitude to your habits
Women tend to complain that their partners leave their clothes everywhere, but they also have annoying and strange habits. We like to stay in the bathroom for hours and talk to our friends, fill the wardrobe with unnecessary clothes, eat our lover’s plate or sing the same song all day. A man who loves you, endures all of this and remains silent or reacts with humor. If your boyfriend always analyzes every little thing you do and reacts with negative comments about your behavior, it means that the only feeling he has is irritation, not love. 

Lack of attention to your stories
Scientists have shown that a man is able to listen carefully to a woman only 6 minutes. That is why women should have short conversations and stories. The subjects to which a man can not focus too much are about unknown people, stars, shopping, fashion, and diets. If possible, it is better to discuss this with your friends. However, if your partner sees that something is very important to you, he will make an effort to listen carefully, even if the subject is completely inconsequential to him. But if he continues to change the subject or run away by finding all kinds of excuses, your concerns are most likely not of interest. Consequently, he will not participate in solving any problems that may arise during the relationship.

Inappropriate attitude to your feelings
Men do not bear the tears of women. And recently, a scientific explanation has been found: women’s tears appear to contain special volatile substances that lower the levels of testosterone in the blood of men, which leads to a decrease in sexual desire. So do not use crying as a way to influence your partner. In fact, when you cry, the only thing a man wants to do is run away and not see you again.

But if he truly loves you, he will stand by you and will do his best to give you comfort, even if the reason you cry is trivial to him. He calms himself only when you start to smile again. However, if he does not love you, then your tears will only be a reason to upset you. 

Lack of flirting in relationship
Flirting is very good for relationships. This is an excellent tool to revive feelings and to overcome routine when the relationship is long lasting. Messages, interesting suggestions, playful pictures, all help to rekindle mutual interest, as in the early days of the relationship. Of course, it is very important for both partners to actively respond to each other’s avas. However, if you have already sent 10 bold self-titles and his reaction is zero, do not do that anymore, or start thinking about what might lead him to ignore you. 

His reaction to your requests
For a man who loves you, your demands and desires will always be first. In fact, men like to help women, this gives them the opportunity to demonstrate how strong and responsible they are. Of course, there are situations where a man can not help, but he certainly should not leave you alone to solve the problem. However, if an innocent claim such as changing a bev is perceived as a discomfort and as another unbearable task, your relationship needs to be reconsidered. Is it possible for your partner to help another woman being excited about it? 

Gelozia emerged during evolution as a way to maintain the couple’s integrity. A man wants, subconsciously, to declare his rights to a woman and to be the only one who enjoys it. Therefore, it is quite natural for your partner to become nerve when someone gives you attention. But excessive jealousy will only harm the relationship. When a man is absolutely indifferent to the attention given to you by others, this is an alarming sign. He no longer wants to fight for you and he does not want to try to be better for you. 

Protection against potential hazards
The need to protect is a characteristic of men, while the need to be protected is the basis of women. And while modern men no longer have to protect poor sex from predators and wild tribes, there are still many dangers in this world. Therefore, it is quite natural for a man who loves you to become anxious when you are late at work or you are alone in an unknown place. If he can not be near you, then at least he’ll call you to make sure you’re okay. Protecting a woman from threats, real or imagined, a man feels superhero. So if you do not enjoy this kind of protection and support your partner in difficult situations such as going home alone at night, wandering in an unknown place, or your boss’s crying to you, then it is an alarm signal.

Beautiful words and expressing feelings The
language of love consists of words, touches, hugs and kisses. When we address our partner with love, for example, we create a special intimate atmosphere. The appearance of affectionate joints appears unconscious and shows how a partner is referring to the other. By the way, men need this as much as women.

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