10 unique semi-underwater photos

When the camera is in the hands of a professional, we have really beautiful photos on the way out. If the professional is still under water, the shots can be even more amazing. But rarely we can see what is happening both under water and over water at the same time. These 10 semi-submersible images create a completely unique effect of presence.

1. The whale shark is the largest of all existing species of sharks, and also the largest of the modern fish.

2. The girl is swimming off the coast of the island of Moorea in the Pacific Ocean, 17 kilometers north-west of Tahiti.

3. The octopus sailed to look at the snow-covered Vesuvius volcano.

4. The old 60-year-old elephant Rajan plays with his master on one of the small islands in the Bay of Bengal.

5. Skates near the Cayman Islands, a popular resort in the Caribbean.

6. The girl is preparing for scuba diving on the beach of Jamaica.

7. Underwater part of the cave on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania.

8. Fisherman on the Pacific island of Mare French New Caledonia.

9. Medusa at the pier in the Egyptian resort town of Nuweiba.

10. Penguins on the tiny island of Danko in the Herrera Strait off the coast of Antarctica.

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