11 Photos Proved You That’s Age not Fact For Modeling

Do not take your eyes off!

Often advertising swimsuits strongly gives sexuality, but it turns out you can do without it, as you can see from the beautiful photo shoot, the main character is the 61-year-old model Yasmin Rossi.

1. Do you want to – believe it or not – but Yasmin Rossi is 61 years old

2. With her photos she proves that swimwear can advertise not only young models

3. She was born in France in 1955 and grew up on the island of Corsica

4. She is a model, artist and photographer living in Malibu, California

5. These photos are part of the collaboration between the Dreslyn online store and the Land of Women’s underwear store

6. Founder Dreslyn indicated that the purpose of the collection was to deviate from hyper-sexualized images of other lines of swimsuits

7. She chose Rossi as a model, explaining this with the words: “This is a woman who radiates health and vitality. She is self-confident, she is an artist, she takes care of herself ”

8. “Our task was to show a man who lives happily, is intelligent and confident and emits light from within”

9. But how could she look so good at age 61?

10. “There is no big secret here. I always ate only organic food – long before it became fashionable »

11. “I use oil for skin and hair. I scrub the skin once a week with olive oil and small sugars, I eat one avocado a day, I use only organic meat and fish for food, “she once told the Sunday Times

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