12 most unpredictable rains that have ever been seen on earth (12 photos)

Do you think that hail the size of chicken eggs is the most strange and terrible kind of precipitation? And here not! Nature can sometimes joke with us and more serious. We present to your attention the 12 most unpredictable rains that have ever been seen on earth. Some of their rains could have surprised you, and some might seem very unpleasant and even dangerous. You will not see this every day! And this is good. 🙂

1. Rain from frogs, Kaja Janovik village, Serbia, 2005

“Thousands of frogs attacked us along with the rain,” local resident Alexander Sairik said at the time. All the locals were at a loss where cold-blooded animals could take their places in the sky. In fact, as one of the specialists explains, the reason for this could be a strong whirlwind that brought frogs from the nearest lake or other body of water.

2. Rain from ancient coins of the 16th-17th centuries. Meshchera, Russia, 1940

That day, the residents of the Russian village fell a fortune – about a thousand coins! As scientists say, to lift such a weight in the air, you need a huge amount of energy, which can bring a tornado. All would be nothing, but tornadoes for these latitudes are generally uncharacteristic. According to one version, during a thunderstorm the treasure was washed away, and a strong hurricane picked them up in the air and threw them out in the vicinity of a happy village. By the way, before this, in November 1956 in the English city of Hanhem, it was raining from coins of denomination 1 and 0.5 pence.

3. Fruit rain, Coventry, England, 2011

“It was so unexpected and incomprehensible that everyone just froze,” said one of the eyewitnesses of the events. Apples – the fruit is not very light, so they could do a lot of damage. Fortunately, people did not suffer: several cars became victims of apple fall. Some people among the apple manna from the sky also found carrots and even small cabbage heads.

4. Red (bloody) rain, Kerala, India, 2001

This downpour continued for two months. Because of the awesome blood-red shade, people saw in this rain a bad sign. However, the scientists reassured the frightened residents: the rain was painted because of the disputes of the local lichen. By the way, except for the red precipitation, mankind also saw orange and even pink rains.

5. Spider rain, Goulburn, Australia, 2015

The phenomenon is certainly not pleasant! Environmentalists say that spiders of this species are climbing trees where they weave a web, very similar to a parachute. The wind spreads them over long distances. So do not be surprised if once you get a shower of spiders on your head.

6. Rain from the earthworms, Scotland, 2011

Imagine that this rain hit the students of one of the schools, which at that time were at the stadium during the lesson of physical education. David Crichton, their teacher, was forced to interrupt the lesson and evacuate students to the premises. Then the teacher together with his wards collected worms for a long time to give them for examination. In total, 120 worms were found within a radius of 92 m. Scientists suggested that the wind brought worms, but that day there was sunny and windless weather. So the explanation was not found.

7. Throat rain, Arkansas, USA, 2011

Falling birds from the sky are also not uncommon. So on New Year’s Eve in 2011 in the US, 4,000 blackbirds fell on residents, all of whom were dead. Ornithologists have long investigated this unusual case and came to the conclusion that the birds were killed not by a blow to the ground, but by a collision with an object. Some scientists said that the whole trouble was New Year fireworks. Others insisted that, due to bad weather conditions, the birds lost their landmark and began to crash into trees and houses. A few days later, rain from the dead daws, crow and forty struck the Swedish city of Falkoping. This time, the inhabitants found 10,000 dead birds.

8. Fish shower, Yoro, Honduras, May-July, annually

Fish showers in Honduras – the phenomenon is not something that is familiar, but traditional. This action takes place near the town of Yoro in the period from May to July. It looks something like this: at 5-6 pm, a black cloud looms over the earth, thunder rumbles, lightning flashes and fish begin to fall from the sky. By the way, this inexplicable phenomenon is even described in Honduran folklore. The fact of fish rains was described even by the great scientist Humboldt. There are a lot of such cases in history.

9. Wheaten rain, Spain, 1804 year

Happy residents were so delighted with the rain that they thought: without the influence of God, there certainly was not. However, contrary to the theory of surprised Christians, scientists found another reason: the grain was brought strong winds from the destroyed warehouses of North Africa.

10. Cosmic precipitation, Chita, Russia, 2015

What does not bring rain to people: rats, fish, and spiders … However, in April of this year, residents of Chita introduced a unique case: a mysterious object fell from the sky and exploded, while frightening the eyewitnesses. Such cases are not uncommon in history: on average about 400 such objects per year fall on the Earth.

11. Rain with a taste of war, Lakewood, USA, 1984

In addition to living creatures and space objects, sometimes unexpected objects fall to the Earth. So, in 1984 in the city of Lakewood, an artillery shell weighing 12 kg suddenly fell from the sky. A similar case took place on February 7, 1958 in Naples – there fell a German shell of the Second World War.

12. The rain of jellyfish

Such rains take place often, and often in places that are hundreds of kilometers from the sea coast. Rains from jellyfish were recorded in Tokyo, Beijing, Irkutsk region and the state of Texas.

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