13 signs that you have the best husband

Husbands are truly great people. What a pity that good spouses do not grow on trees. If your soul mate does these 13 things, then you can consider yourself the happiest woman to have the best husband in the world.

He regularly conquers your heart

after marriage

Such a gentleman cares for his wife: he gives her flowers, invites to date, arranges romantic surprises. The ideal husband understands that a woman is not enough to conquer once. And he shows her his love day after day.

He consults with you
Spouses should be to each other, not only their cohabitants and lovers, but also faithful advisers. If the husband really trusts the opinion of the wife, then the choice in his favor is made correctly. No, we are not talking about keeping the lover “under the heel”. But making important decisions together is a valuable opportunity in the family.

He praises you in front of his friends
Has your spouse ever told his comrades how lucky he was with his wife? Perhaps you just did not hear it. After all, the ideal husband will not necessarily say such things for show. But the fact that such a break from his mouth, you can be sure.

He lowers the lid of the toilet bowl
There is nothing worse than ordinary domestic problems. Therefore, a good spouse will not be difficult to remember some simple rules, so as not to upset you. After all, to lower the lid of the toilet, it takes only a couple of seconds.

He holds your hand
It does not matter where you go – to visit your parents, to a restaurant or just to a store, a truly loving man will grip your palm firmly. In this way, he shows his concern.

He does not like pornography
For a better husband, you will be the only attractive woman. So forget about dreams of an ideal wife if he regularly reviews erotic magazines.

He reconciles with your character once a month
Whichever you are, a loving wife, from time to time you become an evil beast. After all, no one canceled hormonal explosions. A good husband understands this.

He helps you with household chores
If a man appreciates and respects his woman, he will not make a servant from her. He realizes that you are also tired at work, and therefore always help with cleaning, washing or other business. Especially because the common forces homework will be fulfilled more quickly, and, perhaps, even there will be time for a romantic evening.

He laughs with you
What could be better than sharing fun? It’s so great when you both laugh at the same things. This brings together and makes you appreciate your partner even more. And let the whole world do not understand you – the main thing is for you to be well together.

He is a support for his family
It is hard for an ideal spouse to spend 100 on work, but he does it for the sake of those who wait for him at home. Such a man never ceases to make every effort to any cause.

He always eats what you have prepared
Even if you are not a chef, a loving husband will eat the dinner offered to him with a smile on his face. He will never give the appearance that the food was tasteless.

He develops his relationship with God
No, you do not have to marry a priest. But for a good spouse it will be only a plus if he recognizes the power of the Most High.

He is trying to become better for you
Even if your husband is far from perfect, this is no reason not to consider him the best in the world. If a man is constantly working on himself to become better for his woman, he deserves this title.

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