14 of the rarest and interesting old photos that few have seen

History for man is an eternal treasure, concealing in itself a huge number of interesting facts and events. We present you a collection of especially interesting and rare old photographs that will take you back to the past. What could be more interesting than to look into the times of our ancestors, to witness important historical events or to see unique moments from the life of famous personalities.

Photo taken at the time of the fall of the German airship “Graf Zeppelin” in Bourbon-les-Bains, (France, 1917).

Alfred Hitchcock lies in the river Thames in search of inspiration (Great Britain, 1958).

The staged photo shoot of Hitler, made by Henry Hoffmann in 1925.

The inventor of the trampoline is an American George Nissen, and in this picture he jumps on a trampoline with a kangaroo (1960).

This twin-engine racing steam car Wogglebug set a speed record in the United States – 148.7 km / h (1905).

This cowhide moccasin was found in one of the caves in Armenia and turned out to be the oldest footwear, the age of which is 5 500 years.

Stalin at the birthday of Winston Churchill November 30, 1943.

President Lincoln during the battle of Entitem, which went down in history as the bloodiest in US history (1862).

The Adams family in 1964.

The door leading to the antinuclear bunker for US congressmen (USA, 1957).

The mighty giant of the Empire State Building on the background of other buildings in New York, 1941.

Happy people went to Times Square to celebrate the surrender of Germany (New York, May 7, 1945).

Soviet gunners rest at the Brandenburg Gate (Berlin, 1945).

Heroes of the painting Grant Wood “American Gothic” – the sister of the artist Nan and dentist Byron McKibie in life (1930).

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