14 photos that we are all helpless in the face of the forces of nature

These 15 photos of the raging nature fully show its majesty and power! And also once again prove that a person is powerless before the force of the elements!

1. In 2017, Chile could capture lightning above an erupting volcano. A truly frightening and spectacular sight!

2. This deck looks like a scene from the cartoon “The Cold Heart”

3. And from the outside looks a microburst. Do not see anything “micro” in this phenomenon

4. Nothing special, just a mountain that fell on the road

5. Before you, a water whirlwind is a rare but dangerous natural phenomenon

6. And such clouds frightened the inhabitants of Canada in 2016

7. If someone decided to swim that day, then it surely was a bad idea

8. Incredible sight

9. Small precipitation in the form of snow to the roof is expected.

10. Because of the heat, the road expanded until it broke

11. The owner of this bicycle will have to get to work on his own two

12. 😳😳😳

13. It’s so cold outside that the steam turns into snow

14. Awesome beauty

Source: onedio.ru

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