15 Evidence that the world’s coolest engineers live in Russia

Any other person in this kind of situation will spend a lot of money or invite a specialist. But not in our country.

We ourselves with a mustache!

1. Dryer for laundry

2. Children’s Grammar

3. We are preparing fish

4. Shish kebab sausage

5. Shower and toilet – two in one

6. What did you say about the stairs of Hogwarts?

7. Infrastructure

8. IKEA nervously smokes on the sidelines

9. Nobody used light yet TAK

10. Room for the lazy

11. An alternative to Russian roulette is an electric Jacuzzi

12. If the Jacuzzi has not killed you, sit back and try this option

13. One day, each self-respecting person will have his own helicopter

14. Cinema in the open air

15. Our engineer corrects even the most irreparable situation

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