15 funny cases, when the usual framing completely changed photos (15 photos)

In general, it is not grateful to believe your eyes, as to deceive our vision is not a huge task. In digital form, it’s even easier to deceive us, because thanks to such a wonderful program as Photoshop, you can show anything at all. However, in some cases, to make out of a questionable photograph, something normal digital editing is not even required, just a simple framing. Just cut all the unnecessary and get the desired effect, but if you look at the original photos, it sometimes becomes quite ridiculous. For example, as in these cases.

Not what you thought.

The usual tourist photo and a sudden rectal check in the background

No pleasure, only pain

Thanks to dad and his missing pants

Just a game

It seems that somebody does not have money for vacation

Cool car? Nope

What .. knees!

The third is not superfluous, the third necessary

Everything is to blame for makeup

This is not a penis, and not even a man. Just a mom with a baby

Discussion design

Suddenly the child’s ass

What kind of fish?

Probably this girl is very popular, if only in one part of her legs there is so much sex

Do not believe your eyes, although what are we talking about, because there’s nothing else left for us

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