15+ Images of illusions from the weird world we live in

Nothing is what it seems to be.

It is no surprise to anyone that the world we live in is not exactly what we think. We take our existence into a universe always surprising, and this is one of the special aspects of life. And as if this was not enough, people tend to take advantage of every opportunity that comes out of their way to make things even more amazing through photos.

The set of images we are about to see again denotes once again that the only certainty of our lives is nothing more than an illusion.

A simple marsh seen from above

© Derpyderpderpdurr / reddit

What thin legs!

© Milano / twitter.com

A dog fallen from space. Like a meteorite

© pietradamore / reddit

The little giant!

© AidenAsh15 / reddit

Is that the dog’s ear or the face of a baboon?

© Sint__Maarten / reddit

Hmm …

© SaltoAngel / pikabu.ru

Tourists stay tourists!

© GallowBoob / reddit

Something’s wrong here

© TheFadedGrey / reddit

It seems unreal, but it is not

© Proteon / reddit

When you dirty the ink on your finger and everything gets another meaning

© BrucePee / reddit

What friendly volcano …

Lights and shadows

© babbettebaboon / reddit

What a landscape!

© TheBigRedHorse / reddit

The dirt on the windscreen looks like a work of art

© buzzy5 / reddit

Is that really possible?

© AbortedGallow / imgur


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