15 moments that only those who have an older sister can understand

You can share her joy and grief with her, she will listen to all your questions, you can turn to her when you have no money, she loves you unselfishly, takes care of you, shows motherly love. Yes, this is the elder sister!

1. The second woman after the mother who loves you more than anyone else

2. Life is unpredictable. She can replace you mom, girlfriend or just be a sister, depending on the situation.

3. If you make your parents angry when you come home late, your sister will definitely intercede for you

4. You have an ideal counselor, with whom you can openly talk about your boyfriend / girlfriend.

5. And also about any other secret that you can not share with your parents.

6. It will be an example for you in many situations that parents will not be able to teach you.

7. You can be capricious and indulge. Even if she gets angry and grumbling, her sister will still tolerate your behavior.

8. As much as you do not anger her, no matter how you offended her, you know that she will soon forgive everything.

9. It is a reliable financial partner, which will always help in difficult times.

10. You feel a lump in your throat when she moves to another city or gets married.

11. Comfort and confidence that you will get more chocolate, banana or any other goodies.

12. Regardless of age, be sure to know that you always have someone to share with any difficulty and joy.

13. Feel the pleasantness and warmth of love much earlier than those who do not have an older sister.

14. Confidence that you have someone to stand up for.

15. Freedom to make mistakes.


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