15 strange photos, which can not be explained by even the most gifted lawyer

Have you ever seen strange things? Very, very strange things in real life? If yes, then let’s compare the strange from your life experience and the following photos with completely unexplained content. Who will win? It is impossible to foresee, but we guarantee that this collection is able to stupefy even the most unruffled person. Will we check?

1. Wicket on the third floor

2. Underwater Tour de France?

3. Someone is engaged in rather strange creativity

4. FROM WHERE. IN THE ROLL OF TOILET PAPER. Someone’s Photo on the Passport ?!

5. Quite a strange idea for a photo shoot, is not it?

6. Cult of cleaners?

7. Banana-tails?

8. Stonehenge in Russian?

9. Is this how? What’s this??

10. V means Voron

11. When I went to the bathroom to bathe, come back, and you have some guys in football playing in the hut

12. Nothing unusual, just the Governor of New York State and the future 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt swims the river on horseback, in 1900

13. How could you think of such a tattoo ??
Turn the drum.

14. The day has not set itself since the morning …

15. What’s going on?

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