15 stunning images you do not see every day

When you want to see extraordinary things you have to be willing to get out of the comfort zone. You have to be adrenaline and try to overcome your limits, go in the middle of nature, climb the highest peak of a mountain, sink into the ocean, jump with parachute. And you still need to be in the right place at the right time. Just as it happened in the situations we will see in the next pictorial. Let’s look at a set of original images with and about the fascinating world we live in.

Part of the explosion you do not see at any time

Reddit | mybustersword

The same water, striking differences of sailors


A unique moment

Reddit | Mono_420

Over Lake Michigan

Reddit | jnmads

How many of us have the chance to see such a vessel?

Reddit | Jeffy-Spaghetti123

Or a little cricket?

Reddit | hollywoodbatman

Hail the fist in Alabama

© willie1707 / Reddit

Australian carriages crossing a pasture

© Mr.Kerby / Pikabu

A baobab returning to life

© dimatteo702 / Imgur

Snowy wind-formed winds

© Shabe / Reddit

That’s how it draws a rainbow

© EssEssSee / Reddit

A flying fish

© tunaguy / reddit

The weirdest egg

© JustADumbDog / Reddit

Fan Truck – India

© seracbey yıldız

Something scarce

Reddit | iBleeedorange




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