15 women who lost weight and damn changed, but not lost a single kilogram

When people think about losing weight, they most often measure it in kilograms, considering that the amount dropped is a measure of success. However, measuring your achievements with numbers is not a good idea, because different people with the same weight can look completely different – the whole thing is in the structure of the body. And in order to prove that harmony is not marks on scales, but body volumes, people share photos before and after losing weight, but with one small feature – their weight remains the same. It’s hard to believe, but the way it is!

1. “Stop defining your success with the number on the scales – it’s just a number!”

2. “Changes in appearance, but not in weight”

3. “Here is my recommendation – throw out the scales”

4. “I love when people ask me how much I have lost weight”

5. “Would you care that your weight does not change, if at the same time you would lose weight?”

6. “Stop thinking that your progress is determined by your weight. The figure on the scales should not affect your self-esteem “

7. 6 years difference

8. Different years and the same weight.

9. “The same weight, but what’s the difference!”

10. “Today, for the first time, I weighed in after losing weight – the weight has not changed!”

11. “To hell with the scales. True”

12. Transformation


13. “Sometimes numbers are just numbers.”

14. “And the weight in both cases is the same!”

15. “I am more pleased with the change in the body than the weight”

A source: www.boredpanda.com
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