17 huge dogs that do not understand how big they are

Do you remember the famous expression that a small dog is an old puppy? So the huge dogs do not agree with this common misconception, they think that they are unfairly deprived and want equality with their petty brothers! Hefty dogs also want to sit on their knees with their owners and jump up into their hands with a running start, without thinking that the weight of their body is equal to the weight of the owner, because the main thing is that in this way they want to show us their love!

When you have a huge dog at home, you get out of bed when she wants

Or do not get up at all

A haircut of such a dog – a whole business

You can even confuse your dog with a pony, because it is almost the same size

And sometimes more

Even if your dog looks like a horse, it still needs to be caressed

And he will always give you a paw ..

.. Or two, even the rear ones

With a big dog is very cool to sleep, because it is like a soft duvet

Or like a huge fur pillow

And let your giant dog take up too much space on the couch

And on the armchair and at all it is located hardly

She does not cease to be your pet, who wants affection

And she is happy to give you all her love and attention

But do not forget that being your best friends, you should always help your great friend

Who sometimes need a hug

Very, very, very many hugs!

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