17 ridiculous and quite real proof that modern design is something very special and unique

People of the modern world are tired of classics and banality. In an age of unprecedented information speeds, our minds crave something really unusual and stand out from the crowd. To help us rush designers with their roofing ideas, which, incidentally, successfully and implement. Today we have collected for you a few interesting, funny, and sometimes weird examples of designer genius, by which it is simply impossible to pass.

1. Because a loved one should always be near

2. Only for a true fan of Asian cuisine

3. Ps-ps, boy, do you need a T-shirt?

4. It’s terrible to imagine where this might be useful

5. What a fleshy guy

6. For a strong and independent connoisseur of beauty

7. Oops!

8. Kukusiki, so to speak

9. Stylish, fashionable, youthful

10. The season of mosquitoes is far away, but we take the idea for armament

11. The secret belly

12. To create musical masterpieces, this is what you need

13. It’s scary

14. Pantyhose with a ready pedicure – brilliant

15. Dogenam also got a piece of cake from this design holiday of life

16. Kangaroo? Kotei? Pesel?

17. And she came out of the sea foam


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