18 examples, when the passion for fashion slightly went out of control

Fashion is a capricious and unpredictable thing. If you blindly follow her, it is not known which debris it can lead to. For example, our heroes want to remain at any price in the trend and when choosing things, they are not always guided by common sense. Therefore, the result is ambiguous: sometimes frankly floppy, and sometimes just a little with a chudinka. However, judge it yourself.

Roar Panda brought together people who now and then experiment with fashion and style and are not going to stop.

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2. Blouse for the bravest

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3. Not the most successful dress to emphasize the legs


4. When you just adore cinnamon rolls

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5. There is no exit

SS18 EXIT SIGN BOOTS www.ssense.com @ssense

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6. Easy movement of hands pants turn …

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7. Man-lavash

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8. When you go with the times

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9. Oh, this fashion

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10. It’s easy to move faster in them.

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11. Hipster backpack

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12. “My girlfriend bought herself a dress”

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13. On the style

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14. Spring in the city

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15. Sexuality

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“Girl, sit down.”

“Thanks, I’ll stand.”

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17. Simulation

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18. “A friend sewed a cat vest in the style of punk rock”

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Bonus: Marilyn Monroe in a bag of potatoes


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