18 mom, who were replaced in the hospital

When considering these touching photos of gentle mothers with their favorite babies do not leave vague doubts that something is wrong here! What do you think?

1. Where do spikes come from children? And our daddy with a brush likes to play

2. Mine! All mine! Yes, I did!

3. What are their names? Tuzik and Bobik

4. Do not be afraid of anything, baby! Do you have me?

5. My mother bought me a baby

6. What a strict mom!

7. And I have two moms!

8. You just say if someone offends you!

9. I’m Dad, Not Mom

10. Ooty-ways, my sweeties

11. Once again, someone will doubt – in the eye of the beak!

12. You will grow up and be like me!

13. And they did not change anything! I myself chose these

14. You yourself are a chicken! Kiss-kis should be spoken

15. And tomorrow we will teach the command “Aport”!

16. Mummy, and when will my armor grow?

17. I am a mother-tiger, and these are my cubs

18. Nothing is terrible with my mother!

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