18 photos from madmen who risked their lives for the sake of an ideal frame

Today, most young people are fond of travel and extreme sports, everyone dreams of getting as many “likes” under their photos. At first glance, there is nothing wrong with all this: bright emotions and a boring life are provided to these children. But let’s take a look at what leads to and what pushes people into the desire for greater popularity in the network. Those cases, when the desire to make a magnificent frame in all senses of this word, transcends all the boundaries of the reasonable and completely disconnects the instinct of self-preservation.

Vika Odintsov in Dubai

Harry Gallagher on the roof of a skyscraper in London


Instigator Jack Morris at the edge of a building in Bangkok, Thailand


Angela Nicolaou at the spire in Tianjin, China


Adrenaline addicts on the bridge in Moscow

Instagramers risk their lives for the sake of an impressive photo. Pedra da Gava is one of the highest rocks in the world.

Instagrammakers love to be photographed on its edge

Kjeragbolten – a stone sandwiched between two rocks at a huge height in Norway

Geologists believe that the rock of Wedding Cake in Australia, popular among insane instragmers, could collapse any second

The same can happen with the Potato Chips cliff in the state of California

Troll’s tongue is another popular place for deadly photos

In Yosemite Park, the danger is hidden at every turn

The most dangerous route in the world, which kills about 100 people annually – the mountain in Huashan

Valentine and Roman published an incredible shot on the Precestrulen cliff in Norway

Murad and Natalya Osman on a skyscraper in Las Vegas

… and in Dubai

Victoria Falls killed many people

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