18 sculptures that are not subject to the laws of physics (18 photos)

Art, like science, does not stand still. Every year more and more sophisticated masterpieces are created, from the form of which we sometimes lose the gift of speech. In our review today, we collected 20 amazing sculptures from around the world, over which, at first glance, the laws of physics are completely powerless. Enjoy watching!

1. Page Bradley “Expansion”, USA, New York

2. Glass sculptures in the Scottish forest, Rob Mulholland, Aberfoyle

3. Daniel Freeman “Features of gravity for an elephant”

4. Nazar Bilyuk “Kaplya”, Ukraine, Kiev

5. Jason DeKer Taylor, Underwater Museum in Grenada

6. Erwin Laurent Herve “Sudden appearance”, Hungary, Budapest

7. Jerzy Kedzer, Poland, Czestochowa

8. Albert Shukalsky “The Last Supper”, USA, Death Valley

9. Sophie Ryder “Seated”, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, England

10. Mark Quinn “Sculpture of a 7-month-old baby”, Derbyshire, England

11. Do-Ho Su Karma, USA, New Orleans

12. Costas Varotsos “Begun”, Greece, Athens

13. Seward Johnson “Awakening”, USA, Washington

14. Jaume Plensa “Nuria and Irma”, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, England

15. Cédric Le Borne The Wanderer, Switzerland, Geneva

16. Balancing sculpture by Nicolas Lavarennes, village of Mougins, France

17. “Dance with a Dandelion”, Robin White, England

18. Norton Flavel “By the Sea”, Australia, Perth

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