18 unique bridges that defy gravity

The world is full of miracles, both natural and man-made. In any city you can find architectural objects that are not only fascinating, but also functional.

Of all the amazing technical achievements in the world, bridges are the most impressive. It’s amazing that people are able to build massive hanging roads above the ground and water. We suggest you look at the most unique bridges around the world.

The circular bridge Laguna Garzón, Uruguay

This unique ring bridge, which is located above the Uruguayan Garson Bay, was built to replace a much smaller bridge, through which only two cars could pass at once. And on the new bridge can drive 1000 cars! In addition, the circular design makes drivers go slower and enjoy a stunning view.

“Bridge with two sails”, England


This drawbridge passes over the canal in Dorset, England. Its feature is two triangular farms, which, when they are fully raised for passage of ships, resemble sails for yachts.

Ashima Ohashi, Japan

This concrete bridge, more like a roller coaster, runs through Lake Nakaumi in Japan. It connects the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato. The whole structure actually consists of one giant part, so that the ships can safely pass under it.

Dragon Bridge, Vietnam

Since ancient times, dragons are a symbol of power and luck throughout Asia. This is also proved by the bridge in Vietnam. It is laid over the Han River, and every Saturday and Sunday evening the steel dragon literally breathes fire. The audience is delighted!

Bridge-island over the River Moore, Austria

This unusual structure of steel and glass connects the two banks of the River Moore in Austria. But this is much more than just a bridge: there is a floating cafe, a children’s playground and an amphitheater, where various events are held.

Collapsing Bridge, England

This fascinating architectural structure consists of eight triangular sections made in such a way that the bridge literally turns off so that the ships can pass under it. And then he turns around to create a footpath again.

Lego Bridge, Germany

Everyone remembers the children’s designer LEGO. But in Germany there is a bridge that looks like it was assembled from a children’s designer. Naturally, the bridge consists of concrete blocks, which are painted, as if it were a giant plastic toy.

Live bridges from roots in India

In the state of Meghalaya, India, there are trees whose roots have grown so unique that they have created natural suspension bridges. Local people carefully lay their roots so that they grow from one shore to another. The process can last more than a decade.

Bridge “Rainbow Fountain”, South Korea

The Banpo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea, runs through the Han River. The audience watches an amazing sight every day: the bridge throws 380 jets of water, and this is 190 tons per minute. Add a magical highlight here, and you will definitely remember this for a long time!

Lifting bridge Slauerhof, Netherlands

This strange bridge looks like it’s baking pancakes. Two huge hydraulic cylinders allow this movable bridge to ascend and descend during the day to ensure safe passage to vessels.

Moiseyev Bridge, The Netherlands

This sunken bridge is named after the biblical Moses, who crossed the Red Sea. The bridge is not visible from afar, because the earth and the water come to its edge. Well, people walking along the bridge, it seems that they are making their way through the water.

Pedestrian bridge “Waves of Henderson”, Singapore

This is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. Wavy curved “ribs” smoothly pass into the canopy, which protects pedestrians from the weather. Every night the bridge is illuminated by LED lamps.

Millennium Bridge in Gateshead, England

This bridge for pedestrians and cyclists has become a landmark for the northeast of England. It consists of two massive arches that are rotated in such a way that ships can pass along the river.

Øresund Bridge, Sweden and Denmark

This bridge consists of three parts – a bridge, an artificial island and a tunnel. This helped to make the reality of the journey between continental Europe and Sweden without transplants.

Falkirk Wheel, Scotland

This structure is the only rotating boat lift in the world and connects two large canals in central Scotland. Huge wheels raise boats almost 24 meters. To get to another channel, ships must pass through a couple of locks.

Bridge “Piton”, Netherlands

In 2002, this unusual bridge in the form of a snake in Amsterdam, which passes over the canal between Sporenburg and the island of Borneo, won the International Prize. And it’s obvious why!

Bridge Octavio Frias de Oliveira, Brazil

This bridge in São Paulo, Brazil, was built over the river Pinheyros. Every December, the guys hang lights that create stunning color effects, very reminiscent of a huge Christmas tree.

Natural Bridge, Kentucky

This stunning natural sandstone bridge, which has stood for thousands of years, is extremely popular with tourists. And some geologists even suggest that he is more than a million years old!

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