19 fat celebrities: what would happen if the stars spit on themselves

We are used to the fact that almost all the stars have an ideal figure. And if you consider that looking good is part of their job, this is not surprising.

But imagine only what would happen if the celebrities suddenly relaxed and spit on themselves, growing fat to disgrace.

However, you do not even need to imagine this. You can see everything in our selection.

1. Jennifer Aniston

ennifer Aniston

2. Sisters Olsen

Sisters Olsen

3. Amy Winehouse

4. Robert Pattinson

5. Angelina Jolie

6. Jessica Biel

7. Pink

8. Cameron Diaz

9. Emma Watson

10. Jennifer Lawrence

11. Justin Bieber

12. Tom Cruise

13. Katy Perry

14. Anna Kournikova

15. Ashton Kutcher

16. Christina Aguilera

17. Daniel Craig

18. Lindsay Lohan

19. Rihanna


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