19 photos, proving that drunk people are capable of anything

1. Never let a drunk friend into the kitchen. Do you hear? Never!

2. Especially if he is going to use “kitchen accessories”.

3. Drunk comrade is capable of the most stupid gifts.

“I killed it. With love, Nick.

4. And can feed the dog in an unusual way

“I pissed at the toilet.”

“I ate it.”


5. A well-drunk person can coax anyone into anything.

“I drank it. Made a pizza delivery man buy me food from McDonald’s.

6. It is better not to give anything to the drunk.

7. Because drunk people acquire a very strange logic.

8. And do not even try to understand what motivated them.

9. Drunken “hours are not observed”.

10. And have terrible taste preferences.

11. And they definitely should not take up the phone.


” Okay, then next weekend?”

“You held them at home, did not you?”

“Yes, like that … I drank a little tonight.” How was your rest of the weekend?

– Oh, damn, I’m sorry, I just thought it was your message. Haha.

12. Barriers to a drunkard are not a hindrance.

13. Especially the doors.

14. The bed? No, I have not heard.

15. If you drank, it’s better to stay away from Facebook.

“He was born on December 4”.

16. And do not plan anything for the future.

9.00 – 10.00 “Put the flakes in a blender

17. Although, it can not be denied that drunken subjects have an uncommon sense of humor.

18. But more often than not, they create some unknown garbage.

19. And behave like complete idiots.


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