20 absolutely insane collections from all over the world, which will be remembered by your originality (20 photos)

Many of us have ever been addicted to collecting. Someone collected liners from chewing gum, someone – toys from “Kinder-Surprise”, magnets to the refrigerator or coins from different countries. But all this is not unusual, unlike really strange collections presented below.

1. Collection of dolls

The minimalistic design of Jian Yan’s house is diluted with 6000 Barbie dolls. They, and 3000 other dolls, occupy 9 glass cabinets in the house of this resident of Singapore.

2. A collection of everything related to Superman

Herbert Chavez, who lives in the Philippines, even went through a series of cosmetic operations to become like his idol.

3. The Simpsons’ Modest Collection

In 2010, Glyn Scott tried to break the world record by watching all 150 hours of this cartoon in a row.

4. Ten thousand puzzles

Laurie Brockenshire is so fond of puzzles that he had to make an extension to his house to put his collection there, which includes more than 400 versions of the Rubik’s cube.

5. Forty thousand bottles of wine

The Frenchman Michelle-Jack Chassseil is against the background of bottles of rare wine, which he collected all his life.

6. Items related to the royal family

The collection of Margaret Tyler has a huge number of exhibits, including items from the wedding of Kate and William.

7. All singles ever hit the UK charts

In total, this collection of musical records has about 35,000 exhibits, sorted in alphabetical order and occupying all four walls in the living room.

8. Garden gnomes

Pensioner Ron Broomfield turned his house into a temple for gnomes, which he began to collect 50 years ago. Since then, he was able to collect a collection worth more than 40,000 pounds.

9. Artificial women

The 50-year-old Japanese engineer even rents a separate room for his collection, numbering about a hundred exhibits.

10. Vacuum cleaners

Jack Kopp is holding the oldest vacuum cleaner from which his collection began. He began to collect them at the age of five to overcome his phobia.
11. Tin cans

The passion for collecting these boxes began with Yvette 22 years ago, when her aunt gave her a copy created in 1950. Since then, her collection has replenished more than 58 000 boxes.

12. Automatic machines for pinball

William Freinberg owns 493 automata, the total cost of which is $ 1.3 million.

13. Everything that is connected with the Star Wars

James Burns: “I’ve met a lot of people around the world, and I’m glad that there were those among them who liked Star Wars.”

14. Projectors

The projector collector, Dimitris Pistiolas, owns the largest private collection in the world, numbering more than 937 models.

15. Police Hats

Over the past 20 years, Christian Duckett has collected more than 500 police hats in a variety of shapes and sizes. The collector managed to collect them during his travels around the world.
16. IBM Notebooks

In this photo, Gao Yu holds the oldest exhibit – IBM’s first laptop, released in 1986.

17. Various dolls

For 30 years in the collection of Mary Hickey appeared 420 dolls.

18. Stones

This collection of stones collected in the river Adige, Italy, belongs to Luigi Lineri.

19. Brassieres

56-year-old Chen Tsintsu collected more than 5000 exhibits, carrying out actions aimed at raising awareness about breast cancer.

20. Plush cows

This collection has more than 1679 soft toys.

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