20 admirable people “restart” and have completely changed their lives.

It is not easy to take your life in your hands and make the first step towards change. Just start with small steps and the results will motivate you!

Fighting with extra pounds or eating disorders is not one you can win overnight. An iron will, a positive attitude, and small but determined steps are the key ingredients that lead to the first results. 

The moment you realize the first results, even if the battle is a lasting one, the motivation comes easier and as difficult as it may be to continue this road. 

That’s exactly what these admirable people have done that have demonstrated that perseverance and iron will lead the way to victory.

Whether they managed to lose a lot of pounds or wore an extremely difficult battle with anorexia, they are living proof that they can. 

They longed to have another life and found the necessary resources. With patience, small steps forward, bigger steps made back, awareness and obstinacy, the victors of victory struggled. 

They had a moment of clarity, they pressed the “restart” button and managed to turn totally! 

Photo: brightside
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