20 fascinating photos of natural wonders!

Nature is the best creator and artist! And the photographer is his right hand, which “records” everything and fixes it. In our today’s selection of pictures “a million.” And we again and again do not cease to be surprised by the beauty of our boundless world!

Enchanting, amazing, delightful – and many more epithets can be thought of to address this magnificence! Looking at such shots, I want to take the camera in my hands and go to a meeting with the beautiful!

Dawn at an altitude of 10,000 meters

Fairytale Railway, Switzerland

Landing in the morning fog

An unusual cloud. Now we know how the angels look.

Ice cave, lit by a torch

Ladybug in the morning dew

Cloud: an incredible frame

Rain above the plain – view from the airplane

One in a million

Tsunami from the clouds

A magical place in Austria – Grüner See

This mysterious park turns into an underwater spring, and the rest of the time is an ordinary park! A unique natural phenomenon, water floods it for 5-9 meters!

A rare and surprising atmospheric phenomenon is the “Fiery Rainbow”
This is the optical effect in the atmosphere, expressed in the appearance of a horizontal rainbow, localized against the background of light, high-lying cirrus clouds.

Rainbow refraction of light in droplets of water

Sea sand under a microscope with a 300-fold magnification

Rhodochrosite is a beautiful mineral, also known as the Inca Rose

View from a height of 8 thousand meters

Splash – from a stone thrown into the water during sunset

In rare cases, you can see a 360 ° rainbow from an airplane

Crystal clear ice of Lake Baikal

Flowering of lotus

Lavender fields. Dawn. Imagine this fragrance …

Frame fire: the gleam of the setting sun in the hair

Nature is a wonderful artist

Fairy Winter

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