20 hilarious photos with animals made in an incredibly good moment

Animals are already a fluffy bundle of positive ones, but if they are photographed at a good moment, it will be fun and funny. But if you pick an interesting signature to a successful frame, then you can already cut off from it.

We have compiled for you a selection of such rzhachnyh photos with animals, so you laughed heartily.

Have a nice view and do not overstretch your tummies!

1. Under the weight of cutlets, the sun slowly sank to the horizon.

2. “Why did you come to me at 15:00?”


3. “These are strange people, they will sleep at night, and then they will not give me any rest.”

4. “And who lives there in the teremochka!”

5. “What has come from work? And I just decided to get out on the table ”

6. “I’ll go on a diet from Monday … And start going to the pool …”

7. “Well, enough frown, quickly everyone to smile!”


8. – And I call my sweet one my bunny, my fish, my bird. – And she what? – Yes, what? His ears spread out, his eyes bulged, his beak clicked.


9. My brother and I went to work

10. “At me this your Whiskas already here, where sits. I’m fucking !!! ”

11. The peasants are sad. The women left and took vodka …

12. Wow! That’s speed!

13. This cool cat, knows how to get acquainted with a girl!

14. melted from tender words

15. A woman will make a man happy … Even if he hid, all the same, put on and do it!

16. – Irka, where are we? – In the sobering-up station … – To hell with the details … What city?

17.When I learned that instead of hunting for ducks we go to the bear

18. When they got stuck, and you expect that he will apologize, and he stuck in the TV

19. “I do not have a little vacation, I do not want to go to work yet”

20. When you read the messages that you sent yesterday drunk.

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