20 illustrations about the husband’s love for his wife

It’s hard not to shed a tear from feelings, flipping through these full of love and care drawings. A wedding photographer from Michigan decided to make one sketch about his family life a day for a whole year.

Wiklund’s idea was prompted by the project of his wife Jordin, who began to take everyday photos for the annual project.

“Throughout this year, many of our friends told us that they learned about us from these drawings even more than when communicating with our family,” Wiklund says on his website.

It does not matter what is depicted in the picture: then as a couple brush their teeth together, or as a happy father learns that he will have a child, all these sketches are surrounded by warmth, love and care for each other.

For us, this is a great reminder that a place for romance can be found even in a boring way of life.

1. I love her so much

2. We will have a child

3. Many laughed today

4. Glasses for snowboarding and bow

5. My sleeping beauty

6. Stroking – the best soothing

7. When my wife leaves, I stop eating and sleeping

8. She read to me, then I played a little guitar and started drawing

9. You are my half, as before

10. Stupid quarrel

11. The Cold

12. What should I draw?

13. I’m still learning about her new

14. Night Owls

15. After shower

16. A place where I would like to be

17. We return home from IKEA

18. My wife just watched her show

19. Just about to come my birthday

20. Our Christmas tree

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