20 pairs who lost weight together: before and after photos

Losing weight together is not so difficult as alone. 😉 These 20 pairs have achieved amazing results together. That’s what I understand, lose weight! 👍

1. This couple from Tennessee dropped for two 224 kilograms

2. They dropped 30 kg for two, to look perfect on their own wedding

3. This couple refused to go to the altar, until they bring themselves into shape. After 5 years they got married

4. They were able to get rid of 139 kilograms for two

5. Mark was able to lose weight from 133 kg to 76, and his wife, weighing 95 kg, lost weight to 57

6. Appreciate the applause

7. This pair could get rid of an impressive 226 kg in 2 years

8. Transformation of this couple is very inspiring!

9. Umnichki, keep it up!

10. Together they dropped 85 kg!

11. This couple decided that it’s time to change your life for the better and lost 147 kg together!

12. For the 4th anniversary of their wedding, this couple decided to shape themselves. The girl lost 49 kg, and the guy 58

13. In two years they lost 227 kg for two!

14. These guys lost a huge weight by joint efforts. Well done!

15. This pair could get rid of 234 kg together!

16. And these guys were able to lose 95 kg

17. This couple was able to lose an impressive weight after the doctors told them that they would die if they did not go on a diet

18. It’s never too late to start changing something in your life.

19. They were able to lose weight by as much as 149 kg!

20. To get married and look beautiful at their wedding, they lost weight together


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