20 photos, proving that celebrities have a great sense of humor. And they come off on their fans

It’s not enough to be a talented actor or singer to collect a large army of fans. An important component of popularity is communication with your fans. Here you can not get by with a formal autograph, you need to take a photo and answer letters. Internet users shared cool and unexpected pictures with their idols. On these frames celebrities showed that they have a great sense of humor, and they are not averse to having fun with their fans. Well, after that they do not love?

1. “The girl came to the prom with the cardboard Danny De Vito. The actor appreciated this and photographed with a cardboard graduate “

2. “A man was photographed in front of a Microsoft tablet, and at that time Bill Gates was behind him”

3. “Arnold Schwarzenegger in the costume of Terminator frightens the fans”

4. “A friend in New Orleans met Beyoncé, and she said,” Whatever face you did, I will do the same “

5. “Tom Hanks made a photo shoot with a drunk fan”

6. “Elijah Wood likes to take unusual pictures with his fans”

7. “My mother and son met Bill Murray”

8. “Emotional snapshot with an idol”

9. “My friend sent some of her pictures to Tom Hanks, and he answered her”

10. Cole Sprous has created an account in Instagram, where he shows how he is trying to snapshot

11. “Fabio takes fans on the pens”

12. “We made a selfie, and against the background was Aaron Paul”

13. “In the photo to my friend suddenly ran out basketball player Matt Gars”

14. “Johnny Depp walked the streets of Queensland in the suit of Jack Sparrow and made a selfie with the local police”

15. “When you make a selfie, and Jake Gyllenhaal poses from behind”

16. “Macy Williams played along to her fan”

17. “Actor Adam Savage constantly visits festivals of cosplayers”

18. “Mark Hamill makes epic shots with fans”

19. “Ken Jong” spoiled “SELFI”

20. “Elijah Wood loves his fans”

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