20 powerful photos that won the prestigious 2017 Siena Photo Awards

Each year, the photo contest Siena International Photo Awards collects the best pictures of the most beautiful and unique places on Earth, as well as interesting moments from the lives of ordinary people and landmark events and events. Any person who can make high-quality pictures and want to share his view of the world could become a participant of the competition. A strict jury selected only the most successful and relevant shots and distributed them into categories. We offer you to enjoy pictures that have become winners in various nominations of this prestigious competition!

1. “At the End of the World”, photographer Alessandra Menikonzi

2. “The Crow of Lviv”, photographer Jack Savage

3. “Sanglian Cranes”, photographer Randy Olson

4. “Sleeping on a sea ice floe”, photographer Roy Galits

5. “The eyes of the protester,” photographer Jonathan Bachmann

6. “Peak”, photographer Petar Sabol

7. “Flat building during blizzard”, photographer Michel Palazzo

8. “Caramel”, photographer Aristedis Apostolopoulos

9. “The Beast”, photographer James Smart

10. Superman Monfils, photographer Jason O’Brien

11. “Cave Athabasca”, photographer Juan Pablo de Miguel

12. “Bethe nut”, photographer M. Yusuf Tushar

13. “Team of Great Britain”, photographer Tim Clayton

14. The Water Prince, photographer Yannick Guggenheim

15. “Ludovico”, photographer Pedro Armestre

16. “Berlin bicyclist”, photographer Wengeng Lu

17. “Middle Earth”, photographer Enrico Fossati

18. “Simple movements. Episode 2 », photographer Peter Lovigin

19. “Canoe”, photographer Ian McNichol

20. “Attack”, photographer Sergey Gorshkov

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