20+ proof that without humor in this life – nowhere

Life sometimes throws out such tricks that they will envy any comedy film. In addition, some people have the talent to turn the most common life situation into a ridiculous one. They know how to humor the disobedient children with humor, apologize for eternal delays, cheer up the brother who got into the hospital and wean himself to spend money on bullshit.

Roar Panda offers you a brief distraction and cheer yourself up, watching the heroes of our collection.

“My appendix burst. And my brothers are real assholes! “

© roster07cock / reddit.com

The student gave the cake to the teacher, whose classes she was always late for

© jennyhudak / twitter.com

“The inscription on the cake:” I’m sorry that I was late every day for your occupation. ”

“I almost did not buy this game at a local store”

© amacman72 / reddit.com

In the store, for some reason, the disc with the game Dying Light had no original cover, so the resourceful staff drew their own where the doctor tells the woman that her husband will not get out. I must say that this is a bit like the plot of the game about the zombie apocalypse.

How to hear and ignore a request at the same time

© Devi97 / reddit.com

“Do not print labels unnecessarily.” “Okay.”

Actor Terry Crews: “I store my photo in my wallet to see it when I’m going to spend money on things that I do not need”

© Terry Crews / facebook.com

It seems that Mona Lisa was sick of the Louvre and she went out for a walk

© _isabelcg_ / twitter.com

A poster with a Pokémon in the audience, where they study mathematical analysis

© nickchuta / reddit.com

“Suddenly a” wild “exponential function appeared!” “You used differentiation!” “It’s not very effective …”

Construction crane painted under a giraffe

© lottebelice / reddit.com

This guy is not looking for easy ways

© unknown author / imgur.com

People, quit smoking! If not for yourself, then at least for the sake of squirrels

© K-LAWN / reddit.com

“Please do not throw cigarette butts into the bushes. Proteins go out at night and smoke them, and we try to wean them. Thank you, the restaurant “At Pepe”

“My phone has broken: can you see the purple line on the screen? But I “repaired” it!

© destroyerofforgottentruths / imgur.com

Will Smith in Colombia. Yes, he definitely knows how to have fun


And Keanu Reeves is able to cheer up, while remaining absolutely serious. In this photo, he poses with a can of sauce in an Italian restaurant

© sassy_but_classy / reddit.com

The best advertisement for this bike

© uglyorgan8038 / feddit.com

“My boss and colleague argued which of them would lose more weight. The loser had to change into a dress. By the way, this is his real hair “

© daobear / reddit.com

Sense of humor is not alien to pets. This dog pretends to be a plant

© jthesuperhuman / reddit.com

And this fluffy miracle as if wants to say: “Forget it, because you have me!”

© FuT-EvilMonkey / reddit.com

Bonus: Some girls do not bother with the question of what to put on the first date

© my9ew6ense / twitter.com

Jokes are jokes, but here in fact everything is serious. The fact is that servicemen in the Israeli army can not leave their weapons unattended, that’s why they carry it with them everywhere. Even if they go on a date or someone’s wedding.

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