20 rare historical photos that allow you to peek behind the curtain of the past

We live in a world that is constantly changing. And what is now at the top of fashion and popularity, will soon become irrelevant and will go down in the annals of history. Nevertheless, we need to remember the past and the best assistant in this matter are photographs . They help to look beyond the curtain of the past and even remotely imagine what the people of those years lived

1. Father first sees his twins, New York, 1946

2.  A boy on the back of a demon during the parade of Krampus,  Austria, 1954

3. Victorian couple trying to make serious shots, but they can not do anything, 1890

4.  Freddie Mercury on the shoulders of Darth Vader, 1980

5.  Stephen Hawking and his future wife, 1964 

6. The Boy and the Lobsters,  1916

7. Museum staff reveal the “Mona Lisa” after World War II

7. Museum staff reveal the “Mona Lisa” after World War II

8.  Eight-year-old Mark plays in a monopoly, lying on a board with nails, London, 1976

9. Inside the plane of the airline « Imperial Airlines», 1936

10. Survivors from the  “Titanic” are delivered to the ship “Carpathia”, April 15, 1912

11.  Children playing with a toy guillotine, France, 1959

12. Actors in animal costumes,  London, 1894

13.  Luxury mower with air conditioning, 1950

14.  Cool air pumped into a car in a restaurant, Texas, 1957

15.  Public demonstration of the fire helmet Koenig, Germany, 1900s

16.  Toy Dacco-chan on the hand of a girl, Japan, 1960

17.  Fidel Castro and friends, Cuba, 1940

He is a boy with a candy.

18. Photograph on which was  featured by Queen Victoria, 1852

19. One of the first  models of pin-up, the 19th century

20. The liner “Queen Victoria” delivers soldiers to New York after World War II


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