20 things that the dog owner hides

When you attach to a pet, you are willing to do things you would never have thought of, only to please and satisfy all the cravings. Dogs are extraordinary life companions and deserve the best of people. It often happens that many of us, out of joy and surplus in love with the quadruped, do all sorts of things strange and funny when there is no one around. Let’s see what all dog owners do when nobody looks.

I use some kind of bizarre nicknames to call them and never call them by name.
They lie down on the floor to see the dog’s reaction, if it fails.
He stared at them for a few minutes, wondering what to think. (If they realize that they are their masters, if they like it, etc.)
I do countless pictures of the animal as she sleeps.
I use the dog’s name in their favorite songs.
Or he’s humming different songs they make for them.
I keep them swinging when I sit with them in their arms, just because their paws are extremely fluffy.
He calls them in different tones to see their reaction.

It urges their health when they sneeze.
It gets upset when the dog’s attention goes to other people.
They think they’re naked when they release their collar or harness.
They feel offended when they take them for a ride, and nobody stops to caress or praise their animals.
It shows them how they went out in the hundreds of pictures they do.
I always remember all the ‘important’ events in the dog’s life more often than they remember theirs.
They show other dogs on TV to see how they react.
They refuse to go to the bathroom, even if they need it, just in order not to disturb the puppy who is so comfortable in their arms.

They warm their hands before they suck on their tummy.
He boasts that their pet has made a new friend whenever he meets another dog and stays 10-15 seconds around him.
When I’m away from them, I call them on the phone and start telling them all kinds of nice things.
She caresses her foot with her foot when her hands are busy.
When a piece of food falls on the floor, she always asks if she should pick it up or let the ‘fancy mini-vacuum cleaner’ enjoy it.
They always say it’s their ‘baby’ no matter how big the dog is.


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