21 hairstyle that can not be spoiled by any summer heat (21 photos)

Styling your hair in the summer is a disaster! You can just dissolve, but then the back and neck will sweat. You can put it in a bundle, but then you will not wear Panama. You can use a maximum of varnish and gel, but then the whole day there will be a feeling of something hard, sticky and uncomfortable. What to do?

1. One of the most optimal options. Sweat on health!

2. Quickly and beautifully. The heat you no longer fear!


3. One single tiny pigtail, but what is the result of the haircut?

4. Just a couple of minutes – and you’re irresistible.

5. It’s not so difficult, as it seems at first glance, is it true?

6. Ponytail, but how beautiful!

7. No ployok and ironing – just sleight of hand 🙂

8. It’s so cute that I want to put on sandals and go to play classics 😊

9. Almost like in the TV series “Vikings”.

10. Only one accessory, and as a result – the hairstyle of the ancient Greek goddess …

11. This is a slightly different variant.

12. Minnie 👏

13. The Rose 🌹

14. What else can you do with a ponytail.

15. Do you want the tail to be longer than it is? It’s simple!

16. The most natural braid in the world.

17. Rims, bandages, bandanas – irreplaceable summer accessories.

18. Beams with the help of braids




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