23 photos, which claim to be the best comedy photograph of animals in 2018

Recently, pictures of contestants for the best comedy photo of animals in the wild were published . Among the many cheerful staff members of the jury selected works that will compete for the first place. The contest was founded by the British photographer Paul Johnson-Hicks in conjunction with the Born Free Foundation, in order to draw attention to the problem of poaching and the extinction of various animal species. We invite you to take a look at the participants of this serious and simultaneously funny photo competition.

1. “Do you dance rumba?”

Photo by Bartek Olszewski

2. “I kissed you 9 times already. Are you sure you’ll turn into a prince? “

Photo: Isabelle Marozzo.

3. Tiger dance

Photo: Varun Thakkar.

4. “If at least one more person asks me this stupid question …”

Photo: Daniel L. Friend.

5. “Just tell us where you hid the fish”

Photo: Amy Kennedy.

6. Wild red squirrel between lupines

Photo: Geert Weggen.

7. “I’m very sorry. She just jumped out. “

Photo: Jakob Strecker.

8. Never leave the camera unattended.

Photo: Michou Von Beschwitz.

9. Mother gopher scolds his little son

Photo: Nick Parayko.

10. It seems as though during the struggle the bears practiced the Viennese waltz

Photo: Luca Venturi.

11. This protein could easily fit into the company of pigeons

Photo: Maria Kula.

12. The female moose stuck out her tongue

Photo: Barney Koszalka.

13. The blue shark is smiling at the camera

Photo: Tanya Houppermans.

14. “Too tired to get up, but still welcome you”

Photo: Simon Gee.

5. “This is ridiculous!”

Photo: Amy Kennedy.

16. “Aah, I was shot, run, be saved!”

Photo: Yusuke Okada.

17. “Just leave it! Go do something useful “

Photo: Dmitry Utkim.

18. The life of a polar bear-teenager

Photo: Denise Dupras.

19. “Who said” chocolate “?”

Photo: Shane Keena.

20. “Uh, I do not think so, sweetheart”

Photo: Sue Jarrett.

21. It seems that the dugong wriggles during tickling

Photo: Michele Hall.

22. “Just repeat after me: turn left, step to the right and make jazz hands”

Photo: Laszlo Potozky.

23. “Where did she go?”

Photo: Charles Sharp.
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