24 expressive photos, looking at which one wants to live

There are photos that catch the finest fibers of the soul and do not let go for a long time. Moments when the papa first holds the tiny fingers of his baby, when the affectionate animal shows caring and tenderness to man, when a man kisses his beloved, even if she is sitting in a wheelchair – are simply priceless. For the sake of such seconds it is worth living and fighting all the troubles and adversities.

Take a look at this selection of touching photos that speak for themselves. It’s amazing how one shot can cause more emotion than a few movies and books put together. The main heroine of these cadres is life itself. And, apparently, she is beautiful.

1. Love that knows no obstacles …

2. After this picture do you still have problems?

3. If you love – it’s only true!

4. Devotion in its pure form!

5. Tenderness, which causes the heart to beat more often.

6. And yet I will live!

7. We need each caress …

8. Here’s how to enjoy the little things!

9. Mother with a capital letter, rescued from the fire of their children.

10. They all feel and understand!

11. There are still people in the world …

12. Faith in the future looks like this!

13. Hugs in which you can drown.

14. For the sake of such moments it is worth breathing!

15. What do they say, brother?

16. And in sorrow and in joy, until death part us …

17. Joy as it is.

18. Age is not a sentence!

19. Die yourself, and help your comrade!

20. Caring. Until the last.

21. The moment of truth.

22. Do not spread in Russia romance ..

23. Friendship that knows no boundaries.

Every time when the soul is bad and depressing, revise these photos, because looking at them, I want to live! And, mind you, there is not a single production frame here: all these people and animals are shot in a legendary photo studio called “Life.” Show these emotional pictures to your friends: even if they stop breathing from these frames!

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