3 easy salutations to avoid divorce

Both partners have a list of expectations and goals that they do not want to give up, and if they are not met and shared, then their marriage can be in jeopardy. 

It is very important for each of us to take the time to reflect on marriage, to see what works and what can cause conflicts. If there is love, there will surely be a desire to solve problems or open to negotiation. 

Specialist Karen Finn says you need to follow three simple steps that will help you to re-ignite the flame of love.

What you can do to avoid a possible divorce

1. Have fun

The best way to reconnect with your husband or wife is to bring back the fun to life at the beginning of your relationship. Try new things together, inside and outside the bedroom, and start having new passions. Stay in exciting places or spend the whole night watching you together at a favorite show.

Do things you can enjoy together. Thus, you will have something to discuss and share, which will help strengthen your relationship. 

2. Communicate with compassion

Not every misunderstanding must turn into a fierce quarrel or in a noisy match. Relax and listen without interrupting each other, so you will understand better. When you talk calmly about a problem, your head is clear enough to be able to express your disagreements more clearly and to reach a solution. 

3. Share your goals, dreams and desires


You can have your own goals, dreams and desires, but having a common list will help you maintain a strong bond. This is because you will travel together along the road chosen to reach these goals. And you will understand each other more easily.

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