7 signs that you Should not ignore at the start of a new relationship

When a relationship ends badly, most of us are looking for the reasons for separation. Only after the critical period passes we can clearly see why the relationship has failed and we realize that alarm signals have existed from the beginning.

Here are seven such signs that you should not ignore at the beginning of the relationship:

Your partner “bombs with love”

In other words, it hurries you to quickly enter into a relationship, which is an alarm signal. The exaggerated love gestures in the early stages of the relationship indicate that the new partner is not necessarily extremely in love, but feels the need to control you and not allow too much time for you to change your mind. It then turns from the ideal partner into a nightmare. The pace of a new relationship needs to be established by both partners equally. You have to know a person best to fall in love with his true personality, not the way he wants to look.

It does not have a balanced behavior

Specialists quoted by sheknows.com warn that any type of behavior that seems exaggerated is an important alarm signal in a new relationship. For example, if a fresh loved one is willing to spend a lot of money on you in the first phase of the relationship, it is a clue that he intends to buy your love instead of following the natural course of the relationship. Also, possessive behavior, too much jealousy or vice versa, indifference, are cause for concern.

He does not take responsibility

Your new partner has never had a relationship longer than a few months? Especially if it’s over 35, this shows that your new boyfriend might have trouble in taking responsibility. Of course, there is also a case where he traveled a lot or had a job that did not allow him to have long-lasting relationships. But if they do not fall into these exceptions, short-term relationships are an alarm signal.

The way he communicates with his ex-lovers

It’s not a bad thing to stay friendly with your former partners. But sometimes it may be a sign that you are not ready for a new relationship. What can be the reasons for concern? Firstly, it does not matter as much as she communicates with her ex-girlfriend, but rather how she does it. If he quarrels, gets obsessed with things and situations in the past, can not stop sending rude messages or criticizing the former partner, it is an important sign that he has not overcome the failed relationship and is not ready for a new one.

It consumes too much alcohol

At first meetings, ordered one, two, three or more alcoholic beverages? Specialists are of the opinion that moderate alcohol consumption may be fine at first encounters so that the two can relax.

But not necessarily the fun is the essential element of a romantic encounter, but the ability of the two to get to know each other better and to discover how they really are. Alcohol affects a person’s behavior and is not a good way to start a relationship.

It is manipulative from a financial point of view

Manipulators start a relationship impressing the new partner with numerous gifts, tables in extravagant places, expensive flowers, etc. But after a few months, they begin to invent a lot of excuses and claim that they are going through a difficult time. And after they have conquered you, they manage to redeem all the favors they have done for you at the beginning of the relationship. You will gradually discover that you are investing more and more money in your relationship, that you pay for all the extravagance of your new partner. Such a person is looking for financial support.

He is not talking about his past

If the new partner does not talk about his past and refuses to talk about serious things, it is a sign that he fears intimacy. He is not ready to open his heart or he may still suffer because of a failed relationship. It is an alarm signal because a person who is not ready to open his heart is not ready to devote himself to a new relationship. It could also indicate that it has important things to hide.

He is rude to others

This is especially true of how it behaves with waiters, waiters, waiters, etc. If he has rude behavior, it is an alarm signal that the lack of good manners is not an isolated thing. He may have a wrong idea about himself, considering he is superior, and this attitude can be transferred over time to you, your family or friends. Therefore, you need to be careful about how you interact with others.

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