8 trendy hairstyles for summer 2018, ideal for hot days

No matter how much you love in the summer, you have to admit that high temperatures are a disaster for your hair, losing its volume and fast gaining from sweating.

But you can try some hairstyles in trends that look great and are perfect for chic days. Here are 8 ideal hairstyles for the summer:

Accessory Coc

Interesting hair accessories are indispensable for the trends this summer. They will help you transform even the most trivial hairstyle into a special one. For example, a simple, twisted and slightly messy bun is becoming an original hairdo if it is complemented by a set of hair accessories.

Strips trapped in the back

In high temperature days, the hair strands that fit your face can bother you the most because I keep you warm and stick to your sweaty face. That’s why you should wear a simple, classical hairstyle, ideal for such days. Grab the back struts that fit your face. You are also using a special claw that draws attention by originality.

Smooth queue with sections

It may seem complicated at first glance, but it is very simple to achieve. Once you have straightened your hair and applied a product for shine, comb three-thirds of the hair in the crown area and bind it with a thin elastic. He nudges the next third of his hair and binds it back with a stretch, grasping his tail. At the end, it binds the hair with an elastic, in a final queue.

Tail tail and creton bangs

2018 is the year when you have to accept and embrace the natural texture of your hair. And if you have hazel hair, then you can try one of the perfect summer hairstyles to make your curls and curls stand out. In the first phase, remove the shorter hair strands to the front to create the fake bang effect. Apply a little gel in the palms and smooth the hair on the contour line, then grab it in a high queue. It’s a relaxed and sexy hairstyle that puts your loops in your shoes.

The wet hair effect associated with the bust

Do the bags remember when you went to school and are obliged to wear them? This year the flags have returned to trend, but unlike the ones they used in their childhood, they are elegant and have a precious look, being a stunningly fitting statement stones and crystals.

Associate the wet-look hairstyle with such a statement and you will quickly get a stylish and sexy look, especially for special events. To make the wet hair effect, apply a little gel on wet hair, comb, draw a perfectly straight path and grab hair in a low tail at the back. 

Straight hair grabbed

Striped hairstyle hairstyles are among the simplest trends in trends to try out this summer. All you have to do is draw a path to one side, put your hair on the side of the path behind your ear, and then spraying the hair and combing it so that the hair sticks to your head. Then fix the hair with 10-15 clips placed at random, either at an angle or crossed. You can choose the classic, black, but also interesting ones, in strong colors or metallic silver, gold or copper shades.

A loop with a loop

There is nothing original about the hair caught in the tall tail. It’s the classic summer hairstyle. But you can turn it into an interesting style without too much effort. Tightens the hair in a tall queue and binds it with an elastic, but at the last crossing of the eyelet, pull half the half to form a loop. Catch an interesting claw around the tail or just around a half of the loop.

Woven braided rope

The knitted fabrics are so practical and comfortable that they are unmatched during the summer. And this season is wearing woven patches with inserts, also known as woven braids. It is very simple to make such a look. All you have to do is include a bow, chain or belt in the queue as you knit.
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