90-year-old grandmother from the Czech Republic turns the village into an art gallery

This year, the Czech national artist, Anechka Kashparkova, celebrated the 90th anniversary. Every spring and summer for more than 40 years, this cute old woman paints the houses of her native village of Louka with patterns of incredible beauty. To her favorite business, Anechka devotes all her time. Creativity all ages are submissive!

Earlier, Anechka’s grandmother was engaged in agriculture, but she took an interesting hobby from a local artist who had been doing this for many years.

Under the brush of the artist blossom unprecedented flowers, inspired by the traditional culture of Moravia (the historical region of the Czech Republic)

Anechka became a real celebrity, she is loved, and her drawings are admired.

But the modest grandmother admits that “she simply does what she likes.”


Sourch: MyModernMet)

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