A 68 Years Old Grandpa From Shanghai But He Looks So Young

It’s not the first time that the Chinese surprise us with their appearance , looking much younger than their years. Ha Hai, a 68-year-old man from Shanghai who can not be called a grandfather. In his years, he is more like a carefree student. Two years ago he hit the jury of a local talent show, and he was given the title of the most modern grandfather. It seems that Ha Hai knows where the juveniles grow, or he has some other secret.

Hu Hai was born in 1950, to a couple of communist Chinese revolutionaries

Ha Hai was born into a large family, he has six brothers and sisters. From childhood, he was engaged in several sports to maintain body and spirit.

His photographs in his youth differ little from the current

Absolutely all are interested in the secret of his beautiful appearance and good health

To keep fit, he practices yoga, meditation, and hangs upside down 30 minutes a day

Due to the fact that he hangs upside down, his face does not appear wrinkles and hair does not fall out

He claims that he feels 20, and the age for him is just a figure

Photos: Weibo

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