A guy Sleep In work after Photoshop Made it Funny History

The idea of ​​falling asleep at work may sound romantic, but it is not. And a guy, dubbed the Duke of Orange, got a lesson when he fell asleep on the second day of intership.

To make matters worse (or better) this has not been ignored by business associates – they have decided to share the moment with others making a picture of the victim. And, as it happened in modern times, it was posted on the internet with an invitation to the so-called Photoshop Fight. The world has reacted and led the Sleeping Beauty into numerous adventures.

We invite you to have fun!

So this guy slept in his second day of work …

# 1 # Sleeping

# 2 Do not wake me up, work …

# 3 And I say Zzzzzzzz ……

# 4 Venus

# 5 Let him be

# 6 Tonight are on the wave

# 7 Rock’n’Rolla

# 8 Be the Game of Thrones?

# 9 I apologize, but I arrived a little later

# 10 The Last Supper

# 11 Really?

# 12 In the realm of dreams

# 13 A little later that day

# 14 We have all been in this situation

We hope you have fun!

Article Source: boredpanda

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