A Strange Man Who Do Not Touch water Since 60 Years. But Why?

Age Reaches 80 In The Rule Of Time, The Body Was Broken By Amu Haji But For Some Unknown Reason, He Stopped Bathing For 60 Years. Living A Strange Life

Not Only That, When Surrounded By Loneliness During The Day, People Smoke Smoking Dogs And Cats. I Know I Am Shocked To Hear The Words. I Have The Same Condition. But
Why Did You Choose A Life Like That?

Of The Reason For Not Taking A Bath, He Thought That He Would Get Sick Or He Would Get Sick. So, After 20 Years, Amu Haji Stopped Giving Water On The Ground. Not Only
That, His Eating Habits Are Not Like Ordinary People. Amu Does Not Eat Rice And Bread, His First Choice Is the rubbing sweater.

And That’s What He’s Been Eating For 1 Year, Not 60 Years. Now Tell Me Never Heard Of Such People? He Lives In A Mountainous Village Of Iran.

There Is No Urge To Smoke!
I Have Won The Battle Against Loneliness Alone While Living Alone. But Sometimes Like The Poison Of Snakes, The Difficulty Of Living Alone Is How The Blood Is Mixed
With The Blood Of 80 Years Old. Then The Head Is Not Right. I Do Not Think It Would Have Been Bad If I Used To Smoke. At That Time, Amu Used To Wash Incense.

Heavy Winds Spread All Over The Smoke Net. But He Does Not Use Tobacco. Her Choice Of Animals Is Drying. It Is This Crazy Person Who Claims To Be Addicted To Such
Things Or Makes Great Amaz.

The fanboy:
Never Met Amur When He Was Caught By The Man. Actually, She Still Did Not Want To Tell The Story. So, When Someone Gets It, He Started His Life Story. In Such A Way,
Amu Was Talking To A Doctor About His Strange Life.

After Listening To All The Doctor, It Seemed That The Body Of Amur Had Become Really Niggard To Eat Dirty Food And Drink Water While Being Dirty. But Strange Thing,
In Reality This Is Not The Case. The Doctor Examined The Body Of Amur And After Seeing So Much Torture, He Did Not Have Any Disease In His Body. Not Only That,
From All Walks Of Life Are Also Healthy. How Is That Possible To Answer That, Though No One Has Ever Received It Till Date.

This Old Man Is Doing The Job Of Cutting The Beard With The Fire :

When He Gets Bigger In His Stomach, He Loves To Burn The Extra Part And Burn It In The Fire. Why Do
You Do That? Answering This Question, Amu Said That She Always Wanted Her Mind To Stay Clean Even When She Does Not Have A Bath.

The Real News Is:

After running A Lot Of Research,Some People have seen it. The Villagers Of The Village Who Have Spent 20 Years Of Amur Are They. They Told Me That Soon After
Becoming Adult, Amu Loved A Girl Very Much. But For Many Reasons, The Girl Left Her. In That Sorrow, Haji Decided To Live Alone In Pain.

Since Then, He Lives In The Forest In The Jungle. Close Bath, Eat And Drink O God, When The Man Killed The Love, When You Were Whipped, Where Were You, Where You
Were! He Lost All His Destiny Now! As If The Majnoo Of Arabia Late In The Medieval Arabic Literature, love story, Laily-Majnu’s Hero, Majnu Mourned This For His
Unseen Lover.

Are You Happy In Such A Life?

Very Happy! The Answer Is From Amur. According To Him, Those Who Live In Big Buildings Are Afraid To Lose Much. He Had Nothing To Lose, Which Had Already Lost Him.
So, In This World, There Is No Other Person Than That Happy Person, Amu Haji.


Source: Daily Mail And Boldsky

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