A terrible discovery! The brain continues to work after the death of the body, and you know that you died

1. The moment of death is fixed when the heart stops beating. But that does not mean that the brain dies immediately.

2. A group of New York scientists investigated what happens to people who were brought back to life after a cardiac arrest.

3. Cells of the brain are destroyed in a matter of seconds, and resuscitation can only slow down this process. But recently it was recorded that at the time of death, animals experience brain activity for a minute.


4. It turns out that people in the first stages of death can still be in consciousness. This is also confirmed by the stories of patients who survived a clinical death.

5. Some of them can describe in detail what happened in the room after their heart stopped.

6. “These patients say they saw how the doctors worked, heard what they were talking about. And these stories coincide with reality, “- says one of the authors of the study, Dr. Sam Parnia.

7. Scientists hope that further research will study the mechanisms that occur with cells after disabling the brain, and this will help them slow the process of cell death.

8. However, the fact that consciousness can work with a disconnected brain and we are conscious of our death is a very frightening fact.

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