A vlogger turned her into Meghan Markle using makeup. The result is incredible!

A young passionate about makeup art has perfectly recreated the look of Meghan Markle on the wedding day, and the result is really impressive.
If you fascinated the simple and subtle makeup of Meghan Markle on the wedding day, find out that you are not alone. From the moment the new Duchess of Sussex stepped to the altar on the wedding day, makeup specialists, bloggers, vloggers and ordinary people made an obsession to recreate her makeup with almost perfect skin, natural look and visible freckles, and eyes in the smoky eyes look delicate.
Although Kensington Palace representatives did not disclose what cosmetics Meghan used for her wedding day makeup, it did not stop beauty voggers from trying to recreate the look. And one of them seems to have succeeded.
Promise Tamang, a true chameleon make-up artist who has transformed over time into stars such as Cardi B or Gigi Hadid using only makeup, has managed to accurately reproduce Meghan’s make-up. But the makeup artist not only recreated the makeup of the Duchess of Sussex, but also its features.

In the tutorial posted on YouTube, which has tightened up tens of thousands of views in just a few days, Tamang presents his long and elaborate procedure for his fans to achieve amazing transformation. This makes false nose, forehead and chin using a NYX Cosmetics eyebrow pencil, but also uses a special make-up wax to make his nose look more like that of Meghan.
After many stages involving the application of successive layers of skin, eyeliner, lipstick, special wax and bronzer, Tamang finally succeeds in transforming his face to look exactly like the Duchess of Sussex. 
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