A woman picked up a shedding squirrel and to go out, carried it in her pocket for work.

Two years ago, a resident of Novosibirsk, Elena Yermakova, saw in a social network a post that a little squirrel was found on the street. According to Elena, she immediately decided to take the baby to her home and make a surprise to her husband – on that day they had an anniversary. The squirrel turned out to be so cute and fluffy that it was simply impossible not to fall in love with her. The one and a half month old baby was called Sonia and was immediately taken to the vet where it turned out that she was completely healthy. However, feeding caused more difficulty – ordinary cow’s milk turned out to be too fat for protein, so Elena had to look for goat in supermarkets and feed the baby every three hours.

Up to four months, Sonya went to work with Elena, where she sat either in her pocket or in a hood. And sometimes crawling on the table

At first, Sonya did not show the leaps and agility inherent in the squirrels, and almost always was next to the mistress, who took her with her almost everywhere

Soon the fact that Helena is a squirrel was learned not only by her friends, but also by other people who turned to her for help if they found the lost little squirrel.

Elena even wanted to take a second squirrel, so that Sonya had a girlfriend, but it turned out that these are single animals that don’t really need a fellow society

It turned out that squirrels are very smart animals. Sonya notices when her toys are rearranged to a new place, and she also understands that the owner cannot bite much

As a child, Sonya could bite her finger, but gradually she managed to explain that you shouldn’t do that.

Sony food is not limited to the host’s fingers, because it includes the usual foods for proteins: hazelnuts, walnuts, seeds, dried fruits, twigs, cones and vegetables

Naturally, Sonya does not sit all the time in the four walls, but occasionally goes for a walk, but only with the hostess. Although once she voluntarily escaped through an open window, she returned to Helen the next day.

However, the protein content at home is not only mimic, but also hard work, because they are clearly not intended to live in an apartment.

According to Elena, in the spring Sonya’s character deteriorates, and she becomes a real mischief. But around mid-April, everything passes, and the squirrel becomes almost like a cat – the same hand

However, only Elena gets all the caress – Sonya does not like being touched by other people. But in the hands of the hostess the squirrel is ready to sit for hours and may even fall asleep there.

A source: news.ngs.ru
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